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Top Reasons to Partner with 2gnoMe

  • Gain the scale to support more customers
  • Leverage existing solutions or apply the platform to your own framework(s) and resources
  • Identify skill gaps and clarify who needs what kind of professional learning
  • Shape ongoing and competency-based learning experience for your staff
  • Inform the impact of professional learning on the practice, retention and student outcomes.

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2gnoMe can magnify the effectiveness of the Framework Clusters because it’s for teachers (click to view)

Teresa Lien, Program Manager at The Danielson Group

Moving into a personalized professional learning model requires a bunch of little pieces and 2gnoMe sews it all together nicely. The advantage of having a system that is content agnostic, allows us to select from the best of all types of professional learning.

Troy Lange, Executive Director, Colorado River BOCES

One of the beauties of the [2gnoMe] offering is that it provides the same opportunities for teachers that we are trying to provide for students – personalizing the learning... It is essential.

Hector, School Principal in New Mexico

... we now have tools to help measure what was previously unmeasurable (click to view)

Nick Chapman, President, Virtual Enterprises International

2gnoMe is one of the most well designed and user-friendly technologies that I have ever used.

Pelin Bicen

2gnoMe is the only solution I've seen that identifies teacher readiness and personalizes learning plans to adjust to this new paradigm. It's bound to be a major disruptor in the education space.

The Learning Counsel